Noyafa May SALE 2023

Coupon time in May is here! Use the following codes at checkout to pay less for your favorite thermal imaging cameras, circuit tracers, network cable testers, and underground cable locators.

  • Noyafa Compact Thermal Imager Camera for Android Mobile 25hz, HD Resolution, -15 °C to 600 °C, 6 Color Palette Effects NF-586s

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  • Noyafa NF-8508 Optical Wire Meter with Visual Fault Locator, OPM, Wire Map, Cable Trace, CAT5, CAT6, Length Measuring, PoE Test, Port Flash

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  • Noyafa NF-8601S Comprehensive Network Cable Tracer Tester Using TDR & with PoE / Ping for RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Metal Cables

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  • Noyafa NF-521S Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera with 2.8" Screen , 120 * 90 IR Resolution 1 Million Pixels, 8 Color Palettes for Electrical / Mechanical / Building / HVAC Inspection

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  • Noyafa NF-826 Professional Underground Cable Locator to Detect the Specific Location and Fault of Buried Cables or Wires

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  • Noyafa New Arrival Electric Wire Detector Tracer with Circuit Breaker Finding, Socket Testing, Ethernet Cables Locating, and NCV Detecting - NF-825TMR

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