NF-8601S TDR Cable Tester

Tests on different category network, coaxial, and telephone cables, and uses TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) technology to measure cable length, and offers distance to fault information.

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NF-8209 Advanced Cable Tracker

Sends a strong, clear tone to let you find cables faster in digital or analog mode. If the cable you need to identify is plugged in a PoE switch, the PoE scan mode will make the cable tracing more precise.

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NF-826 Professional Underground Wire Locator

Traces and locates communication cables, power cables, electrical wires, water / gas supply pipelines buried in the ground or wall.

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China's No.1 Cable Tester Manufacturing Brand

  • US$ 95,000,000

    US$ 95,000,000 In Annual Global Sales

  • 50 Countries

    Available in 50 Countries and Expanding into More

  • 16 Years of Innovation

    Pioneer in Telecom Testing Technology Since 2006

  • 100 Tech Patents

    Owns Over 100 Technology Patents

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