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Noyafa NF-8508 Optical Wire Meter with Visual Fault Locator, OPM, Wire Map, Cable Trace, CAT5, CAT6, Length Measuring, PoE Test, Port Flash

Noyafa NF-8508 Optical Wire Meter with Visual Fault Locator, OPM, Wire Map, Cable Trace, CAT5, CAT6, Length Measuring, PoE Test, Port Flash

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  • Optical Fiber Meter - Checks fiber faults by emitting red lasers and tests optical power and attenuation value of light.

  • Wire Map - Tests the faults of short circuits, open circuits, and cross in a LAN network.

  • Anti-jamming Receiver - You can quickly and accurately locate a target wire in a bunch of wires with the receiver's anti-jamming probes, NCV, and adjustable sensitivity. For dim work environments, LED lights are ideal.

  • Port Flash - Determine the corresponding connection port by observing the same blink frequency on the switch/router port where the target cable is connected.

  • Length Test - Measures the length of CAT5 / CAT6 cables up to 200m, it can be measured in meters, yards, or feet.

  • PoE Test - It can test the information of a standard PoE device, such as PoE voltage, power supply polarity, power supply mode, and also the type of PSE.

  • HD Screen - As compared to previous models, the NF-8508 has a better high-definition screen with visual icons, which makes it easier to observe the detailed parameters of different modes, such as cont, scan, port flash, length, VFL, OPM etc.

  • QC Test - Tests the quality of the crimping of crystal heads.

  • Long battery life - Customize backlight off time and auto shutdown time, and charge the built-in lithium battery with a universal type-C cable.

  • What' s In The Box - Emitter *1, Receiver * 1, RJ11 cable adaptor *1, RJ45 cable adaptor *1, Alligator clip * 1, Eaphone *1, Type-c Cable *1, User manual *1

Quick Specs

Cable type: CAT5/CAT6

Voltage protection : 60V

Details of CONT function :

  • Scan Frequency: 455KHz

Port Flash: √

Details of Length function:

  • Accuracy: ≤20M+/-1.6M, 20M~100M+/-2.4M, >100M+/-3.2M

Details of POE function:

  • Standard/Non Standard
  • End connection /Middle jumper /Powered by 8 cores
  • PoE Power supply

NVL: 10Mw

OPM: 1310/1550/1625 (Single-mode Wavelength)

Crimping: RJ45-8 Cores,Min length is 210cm

Power supply: 3.7V 1500mAh Polymer lithium battery

Charge : Type-C connector

NCV: √

Lamp: √

Lower voltage warning: 

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Customer Reviews

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Luis Grachinha

I Still haven't recived my pacage

Matthew Perram
Haven't received it

Still waiting for the arrival

J de Leeuw
lot's of value for money

Great device for lot's of operational situations usefull.

Small, compact and practical - we are satisfied!

The measuring device absolutely fulfills its purpose and will probably be our standard measuring device in the future for quick tests on-site at the customer.

Matteo Bonomo
Tutto perfetto

Grazie, veloci ed affidabili. Tutto come da descrizione