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Noyafa NF-8508 Optical Wire Meter with Visual Fault Locator, OPM, Wire Map, Cable Trace, CAT5, CAT6, Length Measuring, PoE Test, Port Flash

Noyafa NF-8508 Optical Wire Meter with Visual Fault Locator, OPM, Wire Map, Cable Trace, CAT5, CAT6, Length Measuring, PoE Test, Port Flash

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  • Optical Fiber Meter - Checks fiber faults by emitting red lasers and tests optical power and attenuation value of light.

  • Wire Map - Tests the faults of short circuits, open circuits, and cross in a LAN network.

  • Anti-jamming Receiver - You can quickly and accurately locate a target wire in a bunch of wires with the receiver's anti-jamming probes, NCV, and adjustable sensitivity. For dim work environments, LED lights are ideal.

  • Port Flash - Determine the corresponding connection port by observing the same blink frequency on the switch/router port where the target cable is connected.

  • Length Test - Measures the length of CAT5 / CAT6 cables up to 200m, it can be measured in meters, yards, or feet.

  • PoE Test - It can test the information of a standard PoE device, such as PoE voltage, power supply polarity, power supply mode, and also the type of PSE.

  • HD Screen - As compared to previous models, the NF-8508 has a better high-definition screen with visual icons, which makes it easier to observe the detailed parameters of different modes, such as cont, scan, port flash, length, VFL, OPM .etc

  • QC Test - Tests the quality of the crimping of crystal heads.

  • Battery life is longer - Customize backlight off time and auto shutdown time, and charge the built-in lithium battery with a universal type-C cable.

  • What' s In The Box - Emitter *1, Receiver * 1, RJ11 cable adaptor *1, RJ45 cable adaptor *1, Alligator clip * 1, Eaphone *1, Type-c Cable *1, User manual *1

Quick Details

Model: NF-8509
Auto-off: Yes


Wire mapping test: Yes
Wire scanning: RJ45 1969ft / 600m
Wire length test: 16 - 656ft (+-9.8ft) / 5 - 200m (+-3m)
Port flashing test: 32.8ft (10m) / 328(100m) / 3,280ft(1,000m)
PoE: 4-core / 8-core power supply detection. PoE voltage detection
Continuity test: 1) Detects the connectivity performance of wires and various conductors. The buzzer will sound when resistance is below 50Ω.
2) Identify the polarity and forward voltage drop of diodes (0-3.3V)
NCV function: Inductive voltage detector (0-4 levels)
Resistance measurement: 600Ω - 60MΩ (accuracy:+-1.0%+5)
AC/DC voltage measurement: 600mV - 610V (DC accuracy: +-0.5% + 3; AC accuracy: +-0.5%+3)
AC/DC measurement: 1mA - 3A DC (accuracy: +-0.8%  + 3)
Power: 3.7V/1,500mA lithium battery
Ambient temperature display: Yes
Dimension: 5.4 x 3.0 x 1.3 inches / 137.5  x 76 x 34mm


LED light: Yes
Telephone function: Yes
Power: DC9V (exclusive)
Max. working current: <=150mA
Dimension: 8.1 x 1.5 x 1.1 inches / 204.9 x 38 x 29mm


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Customer Reviews

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Dorina Latifi

Nice device.

Burcea Cătălin Cristian
I am very satisfied with it

The time you told me this matters the most

gabriele pozzi

Really fantastic .. all work perfect .. simply and good

Martin Treier
Würde ich wieder kaufen

Das Gerät ist sein Geld wert.

Ilir Morina
Great tester

I'm very pleased with your device, I haven't had chance to test for long period, but with the time and tests I deed, was good enough for me.