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Noyafa NF-8601S Comprehensive Network Cable Tracer Tester Using TDR & with PoE / Ping for RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Metal Cables

Noyafa NF-8601S Comprehensive Network Cable Tracer Tester Using TDR & with PoE / Ping for RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Metal Cables

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The different between the NF-8601S, NF-8601W, and NF-8601: The NF-8601S has all functions of the NF-8601W and additionally tests CAT7 and power cables. The NF-8601W updates the NF-8601 and adds 7 remotes.

Features & Benefits

  • TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) Test for Cables. Use TDR technology to calculate cable lengths, and the location of cable faults, breaks, short circuits and crushes.

  • Graphic Wire Mapping Test. The TDR cable tester comes with a 3.7 inch color screen and helps you visualize your cable wiring and identify all problems, such as open pairs, shorted pairs, short between pairs, reversed pairs, crossed pairs, and split pairs, that make a cable run inoperable.?

  • Cable Tracing. Quickly and precisely locate and trace cables with complete AC interference rejection. 3 cable searching modes, high frequency, low frequency, and PoE switch, are available.

  • Supported Cables. Supports cat5e, cat6, cat6a, cat7, power cable( 4+2 lan cable, 8+2 lan cable), Telephone lines, Coaxial cable tracking and testing.

  • PoE Presence. Identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage.

  • PING Function. Test network performance, data packet, min & max time.

  • Hub Blink. Locate network ports by the flashing port light on a server/switch/hub/router port.

  • Voltage Detection. A voltage detector is included in the receiver (90 - 1,000V).

  • TF Card. TF card included to export data to the computer.

  • What is In The Box: Transmitter * 1, Receiver * 1, Remote * 1, RJ11 cable adaptor * 1, RJ45 cable adaptor * 1, TF memory card *1, Alligator clip *1, Carry case *1, Charging adaptors *1, User Manual * 1

    Quick Details

    Tracing Cables: RJ45 (CAT7 included), RJ11, BNC, Power Cable

    Measure Cable Length: RJ45(CAT7 included), RJ11, BNC, Power Cable

    Check Cable Error: RJ45(CAT7 included), RJ11, BNC, Power Cable

    Max. Cable Length: 2,000m

    Power Supply: Li-battery

    Display Screen: Color

    Length Measure Theory: TDR

    Anti-current INterference: Yes

    Data exported to PC: Yes

    Port Flash: Yes

    Scan on PoE Switch: Yes

    High / Low Freq. Scan Mode; Yes

    PoE Detecting: Yes

    Ping Function: Yes

    AC Voltage Detecting: Yes

    Length Measurement Range: 1-1500m

    Calibration Precision: 2%(+/-0.5m, or +/-1.5feet)

    Measurement Precision: 3%(+/-0.5m, or +/-1.5feet)

    Remote Units: 1pc


    1. Does 8601S need calibration when measuring length?

    The 8601S uses the TDR principle to measure length, with high measurement accuracy and without calibration.

    2. Why is it inaccurate to measure the length of the 5-meter network cable?

    The measured network cable must be longer than 10 meters. The accuracy of the instrument is plus or minus 3% or 3 meters (whichever is greater). If the error is large, it can be calibrated and then tested

    3. Why does the 8601S ring when the line is not the target line next to it?

    Lower the sensitivity for precise line finding

    4. Can 8601S measure the length of wires and cables?

    The 8601S can measure the length of multi-core wires and cables, but cannot measure the length of single-core cables. When measuring.

    5. What is the error of the 8601S measuring cable breakpoint?

    Plus or minus 3% or 3 meters (whichever is greater)

    6. What is the difference between NF-8601s and NF-8601w?

    8 remote ids are only available on NF-8601w
    TDR technology is only available on NF-8601s

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Best Cable Tester

    Nice design, very good product

    This cable troubleshooting kit is great

    Troubleshooting all types of cables and ports has never been easier

    Thumb Up

    I purchased this with the intention of finding any breaks in my ethernet wiring. Within moments, I was able to detect the problem. Although this tester is less expensive than others available in the market, it served my purpose well and spared me both time and money. The device was not complicated to use and was easy to understand.


    Everything is fast and high quality. I recommend a good provider.

    Harrison Glover
    Efficient and Reliable Tool

    I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. The kit comes with a main tester unit and a remote unit, which makes it very convenient to test cables in hard-to-reach areas.