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Noyafa NF-826 Professional Underground Wire Locator to Detect the Specific Location and Fault of Buried Wires or Cables

Noyafa NF-826 Professional Underground Wire Locator to Detect the Specific Location and Fault of Buried Wires or Cables

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Features & Benefits

  • Find Any Underground Wires or Cables. Easily locates and tracks any wires, cables, and pipelines buried in the ground or wall, including electrical wires, invisible fence, power cables, fiber optic cables, twisted pair cables, coaxial cables, water/gas supply pipelines, etc., and determines the depth of a traced wire.?

  • Locates Underground Wire Faults. Detects and locates the short-circuit point or breakpoint in cables and electrical lines buried in the ground or wall quickly and accurately.?

  • Fuse Detection. Detects the air switch or leakage switch fuse which corresponds to an electrical circuit, and assigns current circuits.?

  • Socket Detection. Detects sockets and distribution sockets that are covered accidentally by plastering.

  • LCD Display. Both transmitter and receiver have a 52*35mmTN screen with backlight to display the detecting info like power level, code, battery, detected voltage type and value, and high-voltage alert.

  • Sensitivity Adjustment. Use high sensitivity to quickly locate the approximate position, and then lower the sensitivity to accurately locate the target position.?

  • Voltage Testing. The transmitter can be used as an AC / DC voltmeter to measure AC / DC voltage up to 400V on a line basis.?

  • Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Detection. The receiver has a built-in NCV detector which allows for quick detection of live voltage.?

  • LED Lighting. The receiver comes with a LED light for easy operation at night or in a dark environment.????

  • Dimension and Weight. The NF826 transmitter is 156mm long, 80mm wide, and 32mm thick, and weighs 235g with battery, and the receiver is 226mm long, 73mm wide, and 29mm thick, and weighs 235g with battery. It¡¯s easy to carry and store.

  • What¡¯s In The Box: Transmitter * 1, Receiver * 1, Connecting wire *1,T est pen *1, Ground rod, Alligator clip * 1, USB cable *1, Carry bag *1, User Manual *1

    Quick Details

    Model Number: NF-826
    Depth Range: 2m
    Voltage Detecting: Yes
    Max Cable Length: 1,000m
    Working Voltage Range: 0 - 400V
    Sensitivity Adjustment: Various Modes
    Power Supply: LI-battery
    Signals & Result Display: Tone & LCD


    Question: How to wire the NF-826 when using it to look for a buried cable’s direction?
    Answer: Make the red alligator clip clamp the target wire, and the black alligator clip connected to the ground, and set the transmitter to gear 3.

    Question: Can the NF-826 trace a live wire? What’s the maximum voltage it test?
    Answer: Yes, and the maximum voltage it can measure is 400V

    Question: Will this detect underground pet fence?
    Answer: Yes.

    Question: Can the NF-826 detect the protective earth (PE) metal water pipelines buried in the ground?
    Answer: No. The metal pipes you’re going to detect can not come with protective earthing and there should be a large resistance between it and the soil. (the small the resistance, the short the detection distance).
    Question: How deep can the NF-826 detect?
    Answer: 0 - 0.5 meters in Bipolar application, 0 - 1 meters in unipolar application, and the single loop can reach 2.5 meters.

    Question: Can it detect underground power line 120/220 vac to the house from the main road?
    Answer: Yes.

    Question: Can the NF-826 find the breakpoint of the armored cable? How abou the direction?
    Answer: No, because the armor isolates the signal, it is difficult to find the breakpoint of such cables. It’s ok to trace the armored wire in a short distance.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    It would have taken me much longer and cost me more money without this tool.

    I spent 2 weeks trying to find the cable hidden in the back of the wall, but unfortunately, I couldn't find it; it would be more expensive to hire an electrician, so my friend recommended I buy a cheap wire tracer. The tool sent by the vendor does the same function as described, and I was able to locate the cable easily and save more money!!

    Green devices, anything that runs well

    This devices are all working well and are in good shape. Their advantage is that they have an internal battery (like the green devices from other vendors). A protective bag is also included.

    brye grye
    A suerb buried wire tracing device

    The NF826 underground wire tracking device is superb. delivery is speedy too, and arrive me in a couple of days and Im in LA, California.

    Ingram Leedy (Home)
    Has a nice texture and is heavy in hand

    Has a nice texture and is heavy in hand. The tracking result is very good, and the function operation is also very simple.