[Expired] Black Friday Promotion On Going, 20% Off Storewide, Award iPhone 14 Pro Max


Buy Noyafa products using the 20% - 50% off promo code NOW, and get the chance to win iPhone 14 Pro Max in Noyafa livestream at 9 AM EST time Nov. 25.

To enjoy 20% off, use code "20OFF", applicator for

All of products on Noyafa store except accessories, such as

NF-8508 Optical Wire Meter: $94.66 (save $23.66)
NF-8601S Comprehensive TDR Network Cable Tester: $125.38 (save $31.34)
NF-825TMR Electric Wire Detector Tracer: $101.92 (save $25.48)
NF-826 Underground Wire Locator $115.46 (save $28.87)
NF-488 Network Cable Continuity Tester $50.26 (save $12.56)
NF-8209 Network Tone Generator and Probe Kit $61.66 (save $15.41)
NF-8209S Network Cable Tester Wire Tracer Kit $66.99 (save $16.75)
NF-583 Thermal Imager Camera for Android: $193.71(save $48.43)

To enjoy 50% off, use code "50OFF", applicator for

NF-609C Non-contact Voltage Detector: $19.97 (save $19.97)
NF-271-50M Laser Distance Measurer: $26.15 (save $26.15)
A9 Mini Spy Camera: $24.99 (save $25)


How to use promotion code

Please enter code 20OFF when checking out, and click "Apply"
(This campaign ending 1PM EST Nov 30th. Shop Now!)

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