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Noyafa NF-300 Coax Cable Tester, Wire Fault Locator with Anti-jamming

Noyafa NF-300 Coax Cable Tester, Wire Fault Locator with Anti-jamming

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Differences Between NF-300 vs 858C vs 8601s vs 715


  • Wiremap Test - Check coax cable, RJ45, and RJ11?cable's continuous condition, such as open, short cross, and crosstalk

  • Locate and Breakage Point Accurately - Use a clip to connect the cable to the emitter, then the receiver generates a tone to identify the fault point

  • Fastly Cable Hunting - With excellent AC current rejection ability, it can quickly find the target BNC, RJ45, and RJ11 cable in a bunch of lines.

  • Up to 1000M Length Testing - Measures cable distances for coax cables and RJ45 cables and saves calibration data.

  • Port Flash Test - Hub blink for locating network port by the flashing port on Hub/Switch.

  • Earphone Jack- The receiver has a 3.5mm jack, so scan modes can be used in noisy environments.

  • Two Scan Modes - Ordinary switch/Poe switch

  • What Is In The Box - Emitter *1, Receiver * 1, RJ11 cable adaptor *1, RJ45 cable adaptor *1, Remote Unit *1, Alligator clip * 1, Earphone *1, User Manual * 1

Quick Details

Model: NF-300
Tracing Cables: RJ45, RJ11, BNC, USB cable
Measure Cable Length: RJ45, BNC
Check Cable Error: RJ45, BNC
Max. Cable Length: 1,000m(3200ft)
Max. Distance of cablemapping: 2500m(8200ft)
Length Calibration: Yes
Anti-jamming: Yes
Power Supply: DC 9V
Display Screen: White-Black
Port Flash: Yes
Polarity Testing: NO
Remote Units: 1pc


1. Can I use NF-300 for ping test and POE test?

It does not have both functions, if you need these two functions, you can choose NF-8601, NF-8601S, NF-8601W

2. Does the NF-300 host have a low voltage prompt? How to prompt?
Yes, when the battery voltage is too low, a flashing battery symbol will appear on the screen

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