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Noyafa NF-8601W All-in-One Network Cable Tester with 8 Remote Identifiers

Noyafa NF-8601W All-in-One Network Cable Tester with 8 Remote Identifiers

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Noyafa NF-8601W vs NF-8601S vs 8601 vs NF-715 Comparison


  • Wiremap test - With the multifunctional network tester, you can test the continuity of network cables, coaxial cables, telephone cables, and USB cables, such as open, cross, short, and split pairs.

  • Interference immunity - Probes with AC interference suppression find the target cable quickly and accurately.

  • Increase work efficiency - Come with 8 remote units with tone when checking cable continuity at the same time

  • Network slowdown prevention - To perform a crosstalk test on network cable to solve the potential problem of slow speed.

  • An intuitive interface - High-definition graphics make it easy to identify different functions, and accurate data helps you pinpoint the fault.

  • Stable operation - The single-chip processor software watchdog design is reliable in operation.

  • What In The Box - Transmitter *1,Receiver * 1, Remote * 8, RJ11 cable adaptor * 1, RJ45 cable adaptor * 1 ,Alligator clip * 1, Carry case *1, User Manual * 1, Charging adaptor *1

Quick Details

Model Number: NF-8601W

Check RJ45 Cable Faults: Yes

Check RJ11 Cable Faults: Yes

PoE Testing (Voltage/PING): Yes

Power / Voltage / Current Testing: Yes

Visual Wiremap Display: Yes

Material: ABS+electric parts

Power Source Type: 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery 1800mAh, charging via USB-C connector.


1. What line can be found in the 8601 series?

Can find network cable, telephone cable, BNC coaxial cable, and other wires and cables

2. What is the difference between NF-8601w and NF-8601s?

8 remote ids are only available on NF-8601w
TDR technology is only available on NF-8601s

3. What is the use of 8601W with so many remotes?

8601W has 8 remote adapters. Each remote has a corresponding number, and the remote number will also be displayed on the host when the line is connected. As the engineering amount grows, it saves time switching back and forth between remote ends, increases work efficiency, and is a very practical solution.

4. Can the 8601 series be connected to various types of lines, including access, open circuit, short circuit, and cross connection?

It can connect, open, shorten, and cross-network cables, telephone lines, and BNC cables.

5. Does the 8601/8601W have a local pairing function?

8601/8601W has local pairing

6. NF-8601 PING function shows that the IP address is obtained automatically?

Even if the router automatically assigns the IP address, you can still manually enter it if it cannot be done automatically.

7. How long does it take to fully charge the 8601?

2-3 hours can be fully charged

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Customer Reviews

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Stefan Schmid
Attention Customs Duties

Had to pay the Swiss Post 25.05 Chf for importing the device.
No sending fee. Just customs formalities.

The device works as intended.

Works Great, Very Useful

The product works exceptionally well and is quite useful. It definitely provides good value for the money.

Affordable Device, Working Great

It has a decent build quality and can withstand frequent use. For those who need to test cables on the go, its compact size makes it easy to store and carry. For anyone who needs to test different types of cables without breaking the bank, I highly recommend this cable tester. Getting the job done is affordable and reliable with this option.

amedeo bertozzi



Es un equipo de gran ayuda en la supervisión del cableado estructurado, la entrega fue dos días antes de lo programado.