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Noyafa NF-820 Anti-jamming Invisible Cable Detector for Underground, Inside-wall Cables and Pipes Locating

Noyafa NF-820 Anti-jamming Invisible Cable Detector for Underground, Inside-wall Cables and Pipes Locating

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Differences Between Noyafa NF-820 vs 822 vs 826


  • Locates cables buried in the earth or other invisible cables, and the detection range is up to 2 meters.

  • Signal sensitivity for transmitter and receiver is adjustable.|

  • Traces cable without current interference.

  • The cable lead can clamp 220V AC cord cables to prevent damaging the devices.

  • Capable of tracing single metal lines, 2-core or multi-core cables.

  • The earphone helps work in a noisy environment.

  • Cable lead and socket can be used at the same time.

  • Low battery indicator function.

  • Rechargeable Lithium battery.

  • What's In The Box: Tone generator *1, Amplifier probe *1, Power charging adaptor *1, USB cable *1, Earphone *1, Carry case *1, User Manual * 1

Quick Details

Model Number: NF-820

Detecting cable type: Network cable, Telephone cable, network cable, multi-core metal line, ect.

Connector Type: RJ-11, Alligator clip

Signal transmission distance: Up to 10km

Max depth distance: 2m(6.6inch)

Signal Display: Speaker and indicator

Material: ABS+electric parts

Power Source Type: Lithium Battery, 3.7V 1100mAh-1800mAh, Direct Power Supply via Micro USB


1. Why is there a big error when I test a 5-meter-long network cable?

The measured network cable must be longer than 10 meters. If the error is large, it can be calibrated and then tested

2. Is there any noise while hunting?

No. Using digital signal technology, the 858C produces no noise.

3. What kinds of hunting modes are there?

Two types: normal hunt mode, POE hunt mode

4. Can the 858C measure the telephone line status?

Yes, it can

5. Is the 858C capable of measuring POE?

Yes, it can

6. Is the 858C capable of testing for crosstalk?

Yes, it can

7. How to use 858C with 4 ports?

During the test, the screen will display the remote's number. It can improve work efficiency if there are many wires to be wired on site

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Follow the instructions and it works great.

It worked pretty well. Until the signal got weak, we had to go along until we found the break. For me, reading the finder sideways is easier and allows me to swing it more easily.

Good Quality

I value both the delivery time and the quality of the products.

Satisfied with the product

The product is of high quality and arrived very quickly. It works well.

If you work with underground or hidden wires, this tool is a must-have

I really like this product. Having spent 3 days trying to find a break in an underground fence, I finally gave up.
Then I ordered this device. It took less than an hour to locate and repair the break!