The Different Between the NF-825TMR and NF-826

Function comparision(Wire Tracer)
Model NF-825TMR NF-826
AC Seek Test Cable Voltage AC 90V ~ 120V 12-400V DC/AC
Emission Frequency 157KHz 125kHz
Launch Distance 200m 200m
Detection Distance up to 0.5m up to 2.5m
Network Cable Hunting Test Network Cable Type CAT5/CAT6 Null
Network Cable Interface RJ45 Null
Emission Frequency 455 KHz Null
Launch Distance 600m Null
Circuit Breaker Lookup Test Detection Distance 2~3cm Null
Socket Wire Sequencing Test Test Voltage AC90V~120V 50/60Hz Null
Power Supply Mode 7.4V 700mA lithium battery 3.7V 1400 mAh Lithium battary
Charging Method DC 5V 1A Type-C DC 5V Micro USB
Operating Temperature 32~122°F(0~50°C) 32~104°F(0~40°C)
Storage Temperature 14~122°F(-10~50°C) 68~140°F(-20~60°C)
Operating Humidity ≤90%non-condensing ≤80%non-condensing