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Noyafa NF-801 Wire Tracker

Noyafa NF-801 Wire Tracker

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  • Identify the target cable precisely - Detect broken cables among a large number of unknown wires when used with a high-sensitivity receiver
  • Versatile cable continuous testing - The device can test network or telephone cables for open, crossover, or short-circuiting. Transmitters can be wired directly to switches.
  • Noise-resistant - The handheld receiver has a 3.5mm headphone jack so that the positioning alarm can be clearly heard in noisy environments
  • LED lighting - The LED function is activated by one key, making it easy to find the target cable in the dark.
  • Low voltage reminder - If the voltage is lower than 0.6V, the panel indicator will light up, so replace the battery in advance to prepare for the next workday

  • What?¡¥s In The Box - Transmitter *1, Receiver * 1, RJ11 cable *1, RJ45 cable *1, Alligator clip * 1, Earphone *1, User Manual * 1

Quick Details

Model: NF-801
Tracing Cables: RJ45, RJ11,Electric wire
Check Cable Error: RJ45
Low Voltage Alarm: Yes
Earphone Jack: Yes
DC Level Testing: Yes
Volume Adjusting: Yes
Spotlight: Yes


1. Can I use NF-801 to measure open/short circuits?
Yes, you can.

2. Can I use NF-801 to measure the positive and negative polarity of the DC level?
Yes, you can

3. Can I use NF-801 hunt on a gigabit switch?

4. Can I use NF-801 to find two-core cables?
Yes, you can

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Tony Abraham
Excellent delivery and best service

Very prompt delivery