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Noyafa NF-274L Laser Distance Measurer Volume/Area/Distance Measurement 100M Max

Noyafa NF-274L Laser Distance Measurer Volume/Area/Distance Measurement 100M Max

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  • Various measurement functions - area, distance, length, volume, continuous, and Pythagorean measurement. NF-274L upgrade function of count-down, point to point, triangle area measurement.

  • Measuring with precision - Single/continuous measurement, positive and negative measurement, as well as automatic horizontal/vertical measurement. (accuracy ??¡ì?¨¨1.5mm)

  • A Longer Measurement Distance - 60m/80m/100m?for indoor and outdoor max distance measurements.

  • Display Bright Enough - The laser measurement device features a backlit digital and FSNT screen that displays precise measurements in inches, feet, or meters.

  • More Data Storage - Up to 100 data sets can be stored and compared to find the best solution.

  • Longer Standby Time?- Automatically turns off the laser after 30 seconds, and the measurer shuts down after 2 minutes. Reduce battery consumption and increase runtime.

  • Durable Case?- A digital laser rangefinder is protected by a rubber case with a comfortable grip.

  • Other Function?- Bluetooth

  • What??¡ê¡ès In The Box - Laser Distance Measurer(built-in lithium battery) *1, User manual *1

Quick Details

Model: NF-274L
Test Range: 60/80m/100
Accuracy: +/-1.5 mm
Laser Color: Green
Min&Max measurement: Yes
Single/Continuous Measurement: Yes
Distance/ Area/Volume/ Measurement: Yes
Count-down/Point to point/Triangle Area Measurement: Yes
Pythagorean Measurement: Yes
Addition /Subtraction Measurement: Yes
Unit Switch: m/ft/in/ft+in
Benchmark Switch: Yes
Hint Tone: Yes
Data Storage: Yes
Protection Level: IP54
Power Supply: 750mAh Li-battery


Question. What are the conditions that affect the measurement accuracy and range of the rangefinder?

1. The ambient light is too strong
2. Unqualified reflection points (mirror/too rough/too large angle)

Question. How do I adjust the unit of measurement on the rangefinder?
Answer. Long press the benchmark key to switch the unit.

Question. What is the difference between a rangefinder red light and a green light?
Answer. 1. Red light is 635nm, large wavelength, low frequency, low laser loss.
2. Green light is a small wavelength of 500-535nm, high frequency, short wavelength, strong energy, strong penetrating power, and clearer outdoors

Question. Is the laser rangefinder better red or green?
Answer. Depending on the use scene, red light can be selected for indoor applications.
For outdoor use, green light is recommended.

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