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Advanced AC Circuit Breaker Tracer with Integral GFCI Outlet Tester, Network Cable Finder, NCV Detector NF-825TMR

Advanced AC Circuit Breaker Tracer with Integral GFCI Outlet Tester, Network Cable Finder, NCV Detector NF-825TMR

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Support Digital Circuit Breaker Tracer - In the circuit, connect the GFCI tester to a power outlet, and the receiver can scan the panel to locate the correct breaker.

Electrical Outlet Test - With the GFCI Tester, you can detect the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles. AC90V-120V 50/60Hz (suitable for North American grounded outlets)

AC Wire Locate - A receiver can detect wires hidden under the wall, and it can help you identify the direction of the AC circuit quickly based on the sound intensity.

NCV Detection - The NCV detectors detect whether any device or location has power. It is suitable for non-contact voltage detection and testing.

Network Cable Tracer - Plugging a network cable into the emitter and using the receiver to trace, will allow you to locate and identify its direction.

Adjustable Search Sensitivity - With the receiver's sensitivity adjustable to up to six levels, you can easily detect wires buried deep in the ground or walls.

Signal Display Lights - The circuit finder features 3 signal display lights to determine the strength of a signal from the transmitter. They can make your search faster and more precise.

LED Lights - With LED lighting on the receiver, even in low lighting, you can get the job done.

What's in the Box -?Trasmitter *1, Receiver *1, Exclusive accessory cable *1, Multimeter adapter cable *1, C04 alligator clip *1, USB-C cable *1, User manual *1, Toolkit *1

Quick Details

Model: NF-825TMR
AC Seek Test

Cable Voltage: AC 90V ~ 120V
The Interface Type: Crocodile clip
Emission Frequency: 157KHz
Launch Distance: 200m
Detection Distance: 0~0.5m

Network Cable Hunting Test
Network Cable Type: CAT5/CAT6
Network Cable Interface: RJ45
Emission Frequency: 455 KHz
Launch Distance: 600m

Circuit Breaker Lookup Test
Detection Distance: 2~3cm

Socket Wire Sequencing Test
Test Voltage: AC90V~120V 50/60Hz

NCV Tester: AC90V~1000V 50/60Hz
LED Lighting: Yes
Power Supply Mode: 7.4V 700mA lithium battery
Charging Method: DC 5V 1A Type-C
Operating Temperature: 32~122°F(0~50°C)
Storage Temperature: 14~122°F(-10~50°C)
Operating Humidity: ≤90%non-condensing
Transmitter Size: 72*34*148 mm
Receiver Size: 40*34*205 mm


Q: Is it normal for the transmitter to detect a slight current sound when the ear is close to the strong current function?
A: It is normal, this is the sound emitted when the transformer is boosted, and it does not affect itsstandard function.

Q: How is the transmitter wired?
A: The transmitter can use the three plugs and crocodile clip wires in the accessories, depending on the situation. The three plugs are connected to the red end transmitter marked with "+" at the end andthe black end transmitter marked with "-". The plug is inserted into the jack of the socket. The crocodile clip is also a red oneend launcher with “+" end, a black onelauncher has the "-" end, and the clip then clamps the zero and earth lines.

Q: How can the receiver find a strong current?
A: The receiver probe moves along the general direction of the wall or buried line and when the signal is received, it will emit a sound. The stronger the signal, the louder is the sound which helps to determine the approximate position of the cable after setting the sensitivity adjustment knob.

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Meet Noyafa's New Arrival - NF825

NF-825 helps people accurately find the position and direction of the cables and electrical lines buried inside a wall or underground. Also, it can find the location of interruptions and short circuit in cables and electrical lines. NF-825 is suitable for a variety of tasks from installing outdoor wiring layout or house decoration wire layout to home appliance maintenance, wire maintenance, and more.

Detect Hidden AC Wires In Sec

NF-825 combines essential tools for wiring and maintenance. Plugged into a power supply, the transmitter will give you a clear indication of where power cords are inside a wall and/or in which direction they run.

Locate Faults in Cables

The NF-825 can find the location of interruptions and short circuits in cables and electrical lines.

Socket Test

You can test the cable connection status inside a socket by connecting transmitter 2 to a power outlet. GFCI Tester detects the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles.

Digital Circuit Breaker Positioning

With NF-825 you can easily identify circuit breakers in electric circuits. All you need to do is to connect transmitter 2 to a power outlet in the particular circuit and the receiver will automatically locate the circuit breaker.

Identify & Trace Network Cables

NF-825 makes network cable search fast and effortless. You can locate and identify the direction of a RJ45 ethernet cable by plugging it into transmitter 1 and use the receiver for tracing.

NCV Induction Pen

NF-825 power pen detects whether any device or location has power. It is suitable for non-contact detection of voltage and testing. For example, to detect whether the newly installed socket is powered on.

Adjustable Search Sensitivity

With NF-825 you can adjust sensitivity of electrical search to locate electric wires which are other wise hard to find. If a wire is deep underground or inside a thick wall, you can set the search sensitivity on the receiver to six different levels. And you can adjust the sensitivity levels during the search to pinpoint its location.

LED Lights

To ensure good visibility in in low-light areas NF-825 receiver is illuminated with LED lights. They use low power and can last long which reduces their impact on the environment.

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