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Noyafa Digital Car Battery Tester with Cranking Test NF-Micro-280

Noyafa Digital Car Battery Tester with Cranking Test NF-Micro-280

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  • Multifunction Battery Analyzer - The car battery analyzers use the most up-to-date conductivity measurement method to ensure accurate results. One key press checks voltage, cold cranking amps (CCA), resistance, and overall battery condition.
  • Test Car Starter Lead Acid Batteries - Works with lead-acid batteries 12 V (ECB, AGM, GEL) for cars, tricycles, and motorcycles.
  • Test Result Print - A USB interface is available for connecting the computer to print results.
  • Large Backlit LCD Screen - You can clearly see various test results on the LCD screen.
  • Acid-resistant ABS Plastic Materials - Easy-to-carry and durable design.
  • What's in the Box -?Digital Car Battery Tester *1, Clip *2, User manual *1

Quick Details

Model Number: NF-Micro-280
Battery Type: Lead-acid battery
Battery Voltage: 12V
Test Range: CCA/100-2000,DIN/100-1400,EN/100-2000, IEC/100-1400,. IEC/100-1400,JIS/26A17--245H52, GB/30-20AH
Test Category Battery test, Cranking test, Charging system test
Test Result: Healthy, Electric quantity, Actual measurement, Resistance
Working Temperatuer: -20°C-50°C
Shell Materia:l Acid-resistant ABS plastic
Test Clip Length: 550mm
Product Size: 145*75*24mm
Product Weight: 232g


Q: What is the difference between NF-900 and NF-900C?

A: The NF-900 has a test range of -70 to +10 dbm. An NF-900C with a -50 to +26 dBm range.

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