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Noyafa NF-308 Wire Fault Locator

Noyafa NF-308 Wire Fault Locator

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Troubleshooting - It can test network cables and coaxial cables for continuity, open circuit, short circuit, jumper wire, and reverse connection. Voice prompts help to locate targets more quickly with far-end identifiers.

Locate cables in complex environments - It accurately finds shielded network cables 5E/6E, telephone cables, coaxial cables, and USB cables, and the receiver has a headphone jack, suitable for noisy environments.

Length test - The test network cable has a length of up to 1000M, and its functions include test breakpoints, calibration, storage, memory, and recall.

Upgraded screen size -? The screen size has been increased compared to the previous generation, the display results are more intuitive, and the operation is more convenient.

Polarity test - A polarity test measures DC voltages (0.5-60 volts)

The hub is blinking - Hub blinks for locating network ports by the flashing port light on Hub/Switch

Reliable operation -?Automatic time delay shutdown and backlight display. Software watchdog design for MCUs, stable operation.

What¡¯s In The Box - Transmitter *1, Receiver * 1, Remote *1, RJ11 cable *1, RJ45 cable *1, Alligator clip * 1, Earphone *1, User Manual * 1

Quick Details

Tracing Cables: RJ45(5E, 6E), RJ11, BNC, USB
Measure Cable Length: RJ45
Check Cable Error: RJ45(5E, 6E), BNC
Max. Cable Length: 1,000m(3200ft)
Length Calibration: Yes
Power Supply: Two laminated batteries of 9V
Display Screen: Color
Port Flash: Yes
PoE Detecting: Yes
Remote Units: 1pc


1. Is it possible to power the NF-308 externally? What is the power consumption of the connection?
Yes, there is an external power supply interface, and the power is DC9-12v

2. Is the NF-308 tracer accurate when the switch is on?
Lower the sensitivity (lower it when hunting with load, increase it when not hunting)

3. I have replaced the battery in the NF-308, but it won't turn on
The first. Ensure that the middle push up/down key is pushed all the way down
The second. The second. Make sure the battery button is not loose

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